Hi. My name is Akiera Nikkole.

I am an authentic lifestyle and self-discovery coach. I am a sister, friend, aunt, mentor, coach and lifetime learner that believes in the power of applied knowledge.

I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. I reside in the Sunshine State part of the year and travel the rest.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University.

I have been coaching for the past 11 years. Since my teenage years, I was always known as the go-to girl that would listen to everyone and provide sound reasoning. I am an advocate for individuality, and I encourage people to “Do You!”

I arrived at my profession as a coach because I wanted to change lives without restrictions. Cookie cutter rules and guidelines make me cringe. I also realized there was a need for professional people to be reminded of the authenticity of their identities after having lived an inauthentic and autopilot lifestyle. We are more than our titles and professional statuses. We are people. We feel. We love. We laugh. We live to experience life.

I am most passionate about learning everyone’s story, and understanding who everyone is at their core. With this information, I teach my clients to live their best, most fulfilled and authentic lives!