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4 Hour VIP Live Now In Your Truth Individual Coaching Session:

The 4 Hour VIP Live Now In Your Truth Individual Coaching Session is for a successful professional woman or man, who is always on the go, who wants to let his or her guard down to converse, who feels he or she needs a reminder of who they are outside of their profession. Who is in need of  taking down time for themselves because the lack of time and demanding professions and/or lifestyle. This package is flexible for the busy professional who will be able to block out a few hours from their schedule to sit down and chat about themselves.

Includes 4 hours of a one on one coaching call, Skype or in person breakthrough session.

90 Day Intensive Living On Your Terms:

90 Day Intensive Living on Your Terms is for a successful professional woman or man who are committed to living on their terms. Are committed to their breakthrough. Are committed to their whole existence. 90 Day Intensive Living on your terms takes commitment, focus and determination.

  • 1/2 Vip Day (valued at $3500)
  • (9)1 hr individual coaching call(valued at $2500)
  • (3) 1 hr Sacred connection call(valued at 997)
  • Mindset Shifts Exercises(valued at $1000)
  • Schedule Strategies(valued at $1000)
  • Permission Exercises(valued at $497)
  • Unlimited Emails & Back on track calls (valued at $2500)
  • Morning Intention and Gratitude On Conference Call(valued at $1500)